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The Best Cocktails From Around the World

There are many types of cocktails from around the world, and they often vary dramatically in taste and ingredients. Have you ever wondered who has created some of these delicious drinks? Let us introduce you to the originators of some of our favorite cocktail recipes.

The Best Cocktails From Around the World

1. Bellini – Italy

This refreshing drink originated in Venice, Italy, and is made with Prosecco wine, lemonade, sparkling grapefruit juice, and peach purée.

2. Daiquiri – Cuba

Made with rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, and crushed ice, this Cuban classic was named by Ernest Hemmingway in honor of his friend Dr. Harry J. da Quirico, who introduced him to the drink.

3. Mai Tai – Hawaii

A sweet concoction topped off with spiced rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and orange liqueur, the Mai Tai was invented during the 1920s.

4. Mojito – Colombia

Created in the 1930s, mojitos in Panama, this recipe utilizes fresh mint leaves mixed with white rum, sugar syrup, and freshly squeezed lime juice.

5. Old Fashioned – United States

Traditional oenophiles know that whiskey, bitters, and simple syrups can be used to create an old-fashioned cocktail, but many people don’t realize that cornflower blue crème de cassis goes very well with bourbon.

6. Pisco Sour – Peru

Pisco is a brandy-like liquor first distilled in Peru, and sour flavors help mask its intense taste. The original pisco sour consists of equal parts of pisco, egg whites, and Angostura bitters.

7. Ramos Gin Fizz – England

An English gin fizz combines gin, citrus juices, and egg whites. This bubbly drink dates back to the early 1700s.

8. Singapore Sling – Australia

An Australian variation on the gin fizz, the Singapore sling uses vodka instead of gin, and garnishes include cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, chili peppers, and pineapple wedges.

9. Sidecar – France

Invented before World War I, the sidecar includes Cognac, Cointreau, and lemon juice served over champagne.

10. Screwdriver – Malaysia

Also known as a palm toddy, the screwdriver contains only dark rum, ginger beer, and spices such as nutmeg and clove.

11. Spritz – Germany

Spritzes were originally made with cheap rotgut alcohol, fruit soda, and other non-alcoholic ingredients. Nowadays, spritz recipes include sparkling wines or beers.

12. Tom Collins – Ireland

This popular cocktail is made up of water, spirits (often gin), lemon juice, sugar, and club soda.

13. White Russian – Russia

First developed in Moscow bars at the turn of the 20th century, the white Russian combines vodka with coffee and whipped cream.

14. Zombie – Mexico

Drinking a large bowl of soup will make anyone feel like eating brains. But for those looking to indulge their love of zombies in a more civilized manner, there is now a zombie cocktail.

15. White Lady – Jamaica

A cocktail consisting of gin, lime juice, and Sprite (or 7-Up) is called a white lady because it was supposedly first served at a Caribbean resort.

16. Zucca Wagon Wheel – Italy

To make a Zucca wagon wheel, crush three lemons with a fork, then squeeze them into a pitcher filled with club soda. Stir until the mixture is foamy, add two tablespoons of grenadine, and top off with whipped cream.


There are so many different kinds of cocktails out there, it seems impossible not to find something you’ll enjoy. Hopefully, we have helped you discover some new favorites.

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